• MAJO™ ... a quality brand of Majo Auto Parts Limited, United Kingdom.

MAJO™ Carbon-Cermaic Brake Pads

The ultimate in safety, MAJO™ Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads have been designed with the highest safety standards to deliver optimal braking experience in any driving conditions. MAJO™ Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads are a reliable and trusted choice for all makes and models of vehicles. They are asbestos-free and deliver excellent stopping power, ultra-quiet braking, outstanding heat transfer, exceptional corrosion protection, and long-lasting experience. MAJO™ Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads have the following features:

  • Exclusive anti-squeal lubricant.
  • Outstanding fade resistance.
  • Optimal control and shorter stopping distance.
  • Asbestos-free.
  • Noise-free.
  • Smooth pedal feel.
  • Superior and reliable braking performance.
  • Reduced rotor wear.
  • Exceptional long-lasting pad life.

The shims ensure that MAJO™ brake pads are noise-free.

The superior friction materials make MAJO™ brake pads situable for any driving condition.

The addition of polyester resin (PR) to the friction materials makes MAJO™ brake pads uniquely strong.

The firmness aided by polyester resin (PR) makes MAJO™ brake pads last long.

The compression and bonding of the friction materials to the backplate under intense pressure guarantee uniform fade and performance of MAJO™ brake pads. 

The shims improve the effective stopping power of MAJO™ brake pads right from the first stop.

MAJO™ brake pads are asbestos free thereby giving out minimal dust.

MAJO™ brake pads are specially formulated and produced with superior quality friction materials to guarantee a performance life-span of at least 50,000km. 

MAJO™ Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

MAJO™ Semi-Metallic Brake Pads are produced from organic formula mixed with some quantity of metal that aids heat transfer to offer improved braking experience.

MAJO™ Ceramic Brake Pads

MAJO™ Ceramic Brake Pads have been designed to meet the aftermarket automotive high-standards and requirements for quality, fit, and performance.

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